NV Energy troubleshooters tackle power problems

LAS VEGAS – Police officers, firefighters and paramedics may come to mind, when you think of a first responders. But there’s another type of front-line troubleshooter in the Las Vegas valley working 24-7 whose sole job is to keep a vital service up and running for hundreds of thousands of customers.

He wears a helmet and a flame resistant shirt and is named is Marcum Endicott, a NV Energy troubleshooter.

He’s one of about a dozen troubleshooters tasked with keeping the juice flowing.

Copyright 2018 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. "I probably put a minimum of 75 to 100 miles a day right here in the county," he said.

Marcum fields calls as fast as his dispatcher receives them. The first stop is a house with a bad service line.

"We’re going to need a crew out here to replace a hundred feet of number two over head tri on the pole to the weather head," he tells the dispatcher.

It’s a quick call. The customer still had power. However, before he could leave the backyard. Marcum gets a call there is a problem at the Venetian.

While he’s enroute, he gets redirected to an outage in a warehouse district south of the airport. On any given day or night, NV Energy fixes a variety of issues that cause power outages.

"If you can name it, I’ve pretty much covered it," Endicott said.

Last year, vehicles caused more than 180 outages, wildfire caused more than 120 and mylar balloons caused 63 service interruptions.

Marcum is ready for the next call, whether it’s one customer or 1,000, without electricity.

The troubleshooters work in three shifts for round-the-clock coverage.

The "U.S. Average Service Availability Index" shows NV Energy customers had electricity 99.99 percent of the time in 2017.

That puts the utility in the top 10 percent of most reliable electricity providers in the country.

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